A Real Estate Career in Jacksonville Florida

    Summit Realty Partners, LLC . . . A new breed of real estate brokerage for the productive mobile agent.

    Summit Realty Partners, LLC is a technology-based lead generating brokerage that is unique to Jacksonville’s real estate landscape.  Our business model is different than a traditional real estate brokerage and offers 100% mobile productivity and bigger commissions with flexible plans.

    With the tools built into our unique technology platform, and an advanced lead generating public website, our agents are self-sufficient and 100% productive from any location.

    •  Transaction management system to electronically manage listings and sales from start to finish.  No paper necessary!

    •  Broker management system to track transactions for compliance and to ensure agents are paid quickly.

    •  Agent management with to-do lists and agent profiles.

    •  Forms library (contracts, disclosures, etc.).

    •  Transaction forms storage for compliance and for customer access to all of their documents.

    •  E-signing for all forms in the Forms Library.

    •  Company calendar for upcoming events and training.

    •  Disbursement agreements which allow agents to receive their commission checks at closing.

    •  Blogs for the latest real estate information and to update social media outlets.


    Marketing Services . . . Helping our agents be more productive.

    In-house marketing services are available to design and produce marketing materials for our agents.  Coupled with our third-party vendor relationships, we provide a comprehensive marketing program for agents to increase their influence and enhance their productivity.


    Lead Generation . . . Creating more opportunities for our agents.

    Progressive lead-generating web site with the features and information buyers and sellers are looking for.  Advanced search technology, third-party vendor relationships, and social media marketing maximize leads to our website.


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    Flexible commission plans:

    https://bt-wpstatic.freetls.fastly.net/wp-content/blogs.dir/5519/files/2018/10/dreamstime_m_29037114_201.jpg Virtual Agent:

    For the work-from-home agent who only needs a broker to operate and an office to manage transactions. With only a laptop and a smart phone, you can be completely mobile.  All calls go directly to your cell phone, and all sales documents are completed and submitted electronically.

    95% Commission Split

    $195 per month Broker Services Fee

    Clients pay $295 Transaction Fee


    New Agent:

    A more traditional program with no recurring monthly fees.  The program allows time for training and gaining some experience prior to becoming a Virtual Agent. New Agents will spend more time in the office and require more company support.

    65%/35% Commission Split

    NO Monthly Broker Service Fee


    Traditional Agent:

    For agents who want dedicated office space, office support, and no monthly fees. A traditional commission split and office space can be arranged for those agents that wish to elect this option.

    Catered To Your Personal Needs

    Office Space

    To learn more about career opportunities here at Summit Realty Partners, LLC, please call Scott Nyman at (904) 610-9832 or enter your information in the Contact Form at the top of the page and we will be in touch with you at our first opportunity.

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